Why you need an artworker

I could tell you about all the amazing things I’ll do for your design: Snap to your grids. Kern your pairs. Unmix your CMYK and RGB swatches. Resolve your image resolution. Align your objects. Wrangle your heading hierarchy and paragraph spacing for consistency, consistency, consistency. Curse about how you’ve used 3 different cuts of Helvetica – and then fix it for you. Make your printer happy again.

But no, what I really want to tell you is what I’ll do for you: I’ll save you your precious time, money, and sanity.

Let’s start at the end – your sanity

The client has signed off on the key spreads or samples you’ve shown. And now you have to churn out a whole suite of print and digital ads in various sizes with copy variations. Or you have to flow in the other 20 spreads, with all the tables of figures, graphs, floorplans.

Then you remember why you’re a designer, definitely not an artworker: artworking is boring.
However, I. Love. Artworking.

If you dread the artwork phase of your projects, give me a call and hand over your artworking to me – there’s no shame in leaving a job half done, because you’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Your time is money

Do what you’re best at: getting out there, helping your clients to communicate clearly and beautifully, and leave the artworking to me. 

Hold on, what’s a creative artworker?

A vanilla artworker checks your artwork from a technical point of view, to make sure your design will print or display correctly.

However, a creative artworker has the mind of an artworker, with the eye of a designer. I’ll use your designs as a guide to roll out the rest of the job so that you can do what you do best: design. 

Press F1 to design, F2 to artwork

Some artworkers are wham-bam-thank-you-client – they certainly have their place when you need artwork fast. I build artwork properly, using master pages, grids, layers, style sheets, and preflight checks – all to bring consistency to make your design look its very best. Get in touch early, and we can plan when would be the best time to hand over to me to meet your deadlines. Good design takes time, and so does good artwork.